The Biggest Glass in “The World”

Oh it goes down easy my friends

Oh it goes down easy my friends

“Yes, I’ll have the large”

Those memorable words were spoken from my mouth before I knew what I was in for.  It was May 2010 and my family & I (13 of us total) had just sat down for our first experience at “The Biergarten” in Epcot World Showcase’s Germany Pavilion.

As we gazed about and took in the beautiful surroundings … musing over another marvel of Disney theming with the feel of being right in the town square of a German Village … our “first and last” round was being prepared.  The Oompah Band played a rhythmic cacophany, the kids smiled in wonder, and I spotted our server returning with great glowing glasses of Spaten.

My Dad had ordered “the small” and when it was placed in front of him he initially turned to correct the server’s error, “Oh no, I ordered the sma……” that’s as far as he got … since at that moment the brew tapped for me (and one for my brother) was hoisted to the table.

Holy mother of brews … this enormous goblet (A Liter to be exact) of cold, delicious, amber brown glory defied description.  We pretty much just stared at them and laughed … my Mom quipped “you won’t be able to walk after that” … and I lifted (seriously, lifted … as in this leaded glass was a true workout) the beverage too my lips … and took the first of what would be MANY cool sips to follow!!


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