Must Do Eats – Raglan Road


Even our favorite pal understands the characteristics of a fine glass of ale!

Raglan Road …Fun to say … even funner to experience.Thankfully (I mean REALLY thankfully), by a twist of fate, my family & I ended up with an extra Table Service Meal (don’t ask me how, it’s sort of like that elusive chip shot from the bunker, we couldn’t make it happen again) on our last day in Disney World last October (2012).  As we contemplated our decisions, I remembered that our ORIGINAL plans (6 months before the trip) had us landing for our first meal at Raglan Road … so, we revisited that thought and made the commitment.For those who’ve never been to Raglan, it is a really beautiful restaurant.  The entryway beckons with the warm feel of hardwood features and “old world” charm.  As it would happen on this trip with 5, we walked up at just before lunchtime and were seated in an amazing booth to the right after entering the restaurant.  We immediately deemed it as “cozy”.The restaurant opens into a broad high-ceilinged (think atrium-like) main room with an additional leather-ensconced side room (for a quieter and more intimate meal).  The main room holds a center wooden dance stage which plays host to the famed Irish dancers that perform at various times during the week.  I love the stained glass panels that surround the top tier of this room as they cast a rosey-glow over the entire space … ahhh, I’m doing some serious pining right now!Two “stars” of the show at Raglan Road are the broad, expansive bars that were disassembled at authentic Irish Pubs in the old country, then reassembled at their new home in Downtown Disney.  It’s worth your time to stroll over to the bar and check-out all of the rich details. 


This cozy spot was the perfect end to our Disney vacation.

As a party, I was traveling with my three kiddos (triplets, Gavin – Ethan – & Maddie who were age 10 at the time of this sojourn) and my lovely lass, Jamie (who would definitely NOT want me to share her age as part of this post).  My kids are adventurous eaters … as am I … so we had a LOT of fun with this meal, though admittedly, Raglan also has some very tame menu items for any picky-eaters in your party.

By now you’ve figured out that I LOVE Ragland Road … it’s atmosphere speaks to my love of theming and all the “extras” that make Disney World so immersive and magical.  While there are some noteworthy themed restaurants at Downtown Disney (think “T-Rex” and “Rainforest Cafe”), the downside is that, often, the food suffers.  Sincerely, at Raglan Road, all wonderful atmosphere aside, the FOOD is what it’s all about …

Follow along for my next post … a discussion of Chef Kevin Dundon and the delicious and inspired culinary creations that await you at Raglan Road.


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